March 9, 2012


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Music Video On Two (2) 10’ Screens –

MTV type music videos will be played on our screens while you and your guests are dancing to the songs.


Live Video Feed –

See yourself dancing on 2 ten foot screen’s with the help of a videographer who roams the dance floor and captures you and your guests having a blast. This footage can be made into a DVD for you as well.


Podcast your Party live –

We will set up  1 or 2  cameras at your event  and stream the video  into your family and friends houses via the World Wide Web  for those who were not able to be there. They will be able to chat back and forth with you LIVE……


Intelligent Lighting –

Intelligent light shows are those found in NYC’s top rated nightclubs.  You may have also seen this type of lighting at a concert or watching an awards show on television.  At Rock the Party, we are at the cutting edge of providing the best type of lighting for your and your guests.


Party Props –

We can help you find unique party props that go way beyond the traditional Hawaiian leis and sunglasses.  Go with something different!  Ask us about it.


Party Motivators –

High energy male and/or female dancers can be added to your party to enhance crowd motivation. This addon is great for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, School Events, and Corporate events. 


Smoke/Bubbles/Snow –

Smoke enhances the effect of lighting and lasers.  It is safe and is used periodically during the night.  Bubbles can create a really elegant look to your event.   Give it a try, you’ll love it.  Does not get clothing wet or stained.  Truly effective.


Laser Light Show –

Laser lights that will have everyone talking. Laser light is useful in entertainment because the coherent nature of laser light allows a narrow beam to be produced, which allows the use of optical scanning to draw patterns or images on walls, ceilings or other surfaces including 


GameMaster –

We offer a variety of games to ensure that you and your guests have a terrific time.  We’d be happy to go over our suggestions at our complimentary appointment. From the Limbo to the Egg toss, we have got them all. Check out our game selections here


DVD Photo Montage –

Memories fade but Photo Montage DVD last forever. We are specialists in turning your photos, video tapes and favorite music into a cherished custom DVD Slide show that will last a lifetime. A DVD Photo Montage / DVD Photo Slide show sets your favorite photos, poems, scriptures, video and audio clips to motion and music. DVD photo montages are the scrapbooks of the future.


Videotaping –

Capture your event on video so that your memories will last a lifetime.  Our approach to filming your event or wedding is both creative and cinematic.  Our style is innovative, engaging and a departure from the traditional.   We understand that every client has a unique personality and style. 


Additional Time-

If you desire to keep that party rocking, there is always the option for overtime. However, it is best to add this extra time in when booking the event due to availability. Discounts are available for parties over 5hrs.


Lighted Dance Floor –

        Our pressure sensitive LED tiles offer a unique interactive experience that is sure to be the focal point of any special event. Colorful effects respond to every footstep (even with a dance floor full of people) and our custom software provides a library of options for colorful background animations and beat synced effects


Photo Booth –

        Photo Booths are designed to blend in and compliment your event while adding another level of entertainment for your guests. Proudly creating long lasting and fun experiences for your guests!


Karaoke –

         Add an exciting element to your event or Just book a Karaoke party by its self.  Its is a great enhancer to any event and will give your guests a chance to engage your event with live interaction.


Name In Lights –

    With our amazing CNC machine, we can customize anything such as your name, initials, or picture and shine it on the dance floor, walls, or ceiling in many different color selections.


SwingJuggler / Stilt-Walker / Unicyclist –

If you are looking to spice up an outdoor picnic, or birthday party, then these enhancements are just right for you. We have many talented services to offer when it comes to Carnival type enhancements.


Bounce Houses / Rock Wall –

You and your friends can challenge themselves to a clims contest, or just go at your own pace. What a great workout for the kids as well. 


Clowns / Face Painters / Balloon Artists – 

A Must enhancement for children 10 and under. Great for Birthdays, picnics, and corporate events. 


Petting Zoo –

Depending on the size of your function will depend on the types of animals we can bring out. From exotic animals, to american home grown. We have a huge selection to choose from. Not only is it a hands on petting zoo, it is also a traveling educational experience for your child.


Impersonators – Airbrush / Tattoo Artist –

From Elvis to Michael Jackson, we have them all.  Great for themed parties or just an add on for someone with passion for a certain celebrity. Just ask and we deliver. 


Casino Games / Video Games –

Have a themed party and add the casino package. We will bring out your favorite tables and slots for your special event. 



Themed Parties  –

All I can say is the SKY is the limit. You choose what you want and we WILL deliver it.



Please note:  Rates vary and are subject to change depending upon availability and specific details of each event. Please call for pricing.

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